This is how we find out how good the live chat casinos are

A casino's customer service consists of three parts. We have the live chat, which is the overwhelmingly popular option, the phone line which can be useful (but most casinos cannot be called), and the email support which should not be underestimated.

On this page, we will show you how we carried out our tests when we found out how good the live chat is at the different casinos.

The chat is your first option when you need help

Casinos don't have the best reputation, but the fact is that they have better live chat than most companies in other industries. Many casinos have chats that are open 24/7, so they can always help you deposit more money... well, we guess that's why their opening hours are so good!

With that said, there are a lot of things that differentiate different chats from each other. Since live chat (and thus a large part of customer service) is such an important part of all casinos, we have tested it at all of them!

This is what we did when we found out how good a casino's live chat was

We have tested the live chat at all 35 casinos currently at This is how we proceeded:

  • To begin with, we found out if all casinos had a live chat. And guess what? Everyone but PlayOJO had one!
  • We made a list of ten short questions that we formulated so that the casinos could easily answer them.
  • Examples of questions we ask all chats are "What are you for?" welcome bonus ?”, “What is the minimum deposit allowed and how do I deposit money?” and "Do you offer other games such as bingo?"
  • We chatted on ten different days, at different times each day, to see how quickly they answered our questions.
  • We wrote with the exact time when we asked our questions, so that we could then measure exactly how long it took for the casinos to answer.
  • We measured several factors: firstly, whether we received a response at all, secondly, how many minutes each response took, and additionally, we checked the chat's opening hours. We did not count machine/automated responses.

It is difficult to measure the quality of the answers

Even though we could measure time and response frequency, we couldn't measure the quality of the casinos' responses. Judging whether a response is good or not is surprisingly subjective, and it turned out to be difficult to objectively assess whether we received an answer to our question or not. It may sound obvious to be able to make such an assessment, but we can guarantee that it is not!

For example, if a casino responds that they have a welcome bonus, but they don't disclose what it is, or they may not reveal the wagering requirement on it. Have we then received a good answer? As you can see, it depends on who you ask, and as soon as room for interpretation is given, it becomes difficult to objectively measure test results.

  • We did not ask follow-up questions to the chat to ask them to clarify any unclear answers.
  • Our measurements are objective, so we do not add our own opinion.
  • The casinos' customer services can change from one day to another, depending on who answers.

Summary of test results

casinos always respond! In fact, there wasn't a single casino that didn't answer our questions, which feels reassuring. The table below shows how long it took for the chat to respond, plus an average where we added up all response times and divided by the number of casinos.

Remember that all data is based on our tests, and that casinos may show a different result when you ask your own questions. The ranking below is based on the number of stars, and then we have sorted them in alphabetical order. Casinos with slightly worse results may therefore be above other casinos.

  • Open = Number of hours the live chat is open every day.
  • Seconds = This is how long it took on average, per question, before we received an answer from a specific casino.
  • Average time (sec) = This is how long it took on average, per question, before we received a response from all casinos.
Ranking Casino Open Seconds Average time (sec) Stars Test result
1 SlotV 24 76 165,74 5
2 Fun Casino 24 82 5
3 Come On! 24 83 5
4 Video slots 24 85 5
5 Betsson 24 91 5
6 Bethard 24 110 5
7 Betsafe 24 145 4,5
8 Chance 16 101 4,5
9 Frank & Fred 24 141 4,5
10 Hype 24 152 4,5
11 Lucky Casino 16 77 4,5
12 Pop 16 86 4,5
13 Prank Casino 16 73 4,5
14 ScandiBet 24 155 4,5
15 Faster 24 134 4,5
16 Major player 24 123 4,5
17 Unibet 16 97 4,5
18 Duelz 24 283 4
19 Guts 24 209 4
20 Guts Xpress 24 195 4
21 Jalla Casino 24 250 4
22 Mr Green 16 127 4
23 No Account Casino 14 74 4
24 Rice 24 289 4
25 Speedy Casino 15 95 4
26 Play 24 254 4
27 Spin Casino 16 170 4
28 Vera&John 14 122 4
29 Voodoo Dreams 24 239 4
30 William Hill 24 205 4
31 Casumo 24 367 3,5
32 LeoVegas 24 587 3,5
33 Maria Casino 16 227 3,5
34 Pronto Casino 14 131 3,5
35 PlayOJO 0 1,5

This is how the star system works

Here we have divided everything into two parts. Partly how many hours the chat is open per day, and partly how long it took to get an answer.

Opening hours

  • 2.5 stars = 21-24 hours
  • 2 stars = 16-20 hours
  • 1.5 stars = 1-15 hours

How long the answers took

  • 2.5 stars = faster than 120 seconds
  • 2 stars = faster than 180 seconds
  • 1.5 stars = faster than 300 seconds
  • 1 star = faster than 600 seconds
  • 0.5 stars = faster 900 seconds