This is how we find out how fast the casino sites load

For many, the gaming session is over before it even begins. Imagine sitting on the train and wanting to kill five minutes with some casino action. The casino site you visit is as fast as an Arctic snail, so the train arrives at your stop before you even have time to start Gonzo's Quest Megaways.

The loading times may not make a huge difference on a computer when you are sitting at home in peace and quiet, but if you play on your mobile phone (which most people do today), there are few things as annoying as long loading times. That's why we test them!

To measure the speed of a website

Now you might think that we sat with stopwatches and measured how long it took for each casino's homepage to load, but we're not that lazy! Instead, we used the service Pingdom, which allows people to measure the speed of different websites. But even though there is a good tool available, you still have to do a lot yourself, and that's where we come in so that you don't have to waste time.

If you only visit a website yourself, it is also difficult to know exactly how fast it is. Different pages on the site load at different speeds, and it may also be the case that loading times vary from time to time depending on different variables. One variable could, for example, be how many people are visiting the casino at a certain time, which affects the speed.

This is what we did when we found out how fast a casino site was

We tested all 35 casinos that are currently on

  1. So we used the measurement service Pingdom to find out the loading time.
  2. We chose the same type of pages on each site to make the results fair: home page, page for the welcome bonus , and responsible gambling page.
  3. We ran each page through Pingdom and documented all the results every 30 minutes for seven days. Each casino was tested over 300 times to ensure accurate results (and not based on chance or randomness).

Challenges with speed tests

Even if we used a professional service (instead of a stopwatch, haha), it is a huge task to test each casino more than 300 times. We have 35 casinos, so in total it's more than 10,000 tests! It is partly for this reason that we only conduct this test once a year. It takes an incredibly long time and we have limited resources.

  • Not all casinos are the same. For our speed tests, this means that a casino's game page can be built in a completely different way (for example, loading more games at once) compared to another casino.
  • The speed test does not take into account the technical security of each site, but only the loading time itself.
  • Casino sites may have changed since our tests were done in 2021.

Summary of test results

We discovered quite significant differences between different casinos. Ironically, Speedy Casino was the slowest with over eight seconds, while Betsson was their exact opposite with only 0.23 seconds.

  • Average speed = How many seconds it took on average for a page at a specific casino to load.
  • Average speed (total) = This is how many seconds it took on average for a page at all casinos to load.
Ranking Casino Average speed Average Speed ​​(Total) Test result Stars
1 Betsson 0,23 2,19 5
2 Betsafe 0,24 5
3 Pronto Casino 0,33 5
4 No Account Casino 0,48 5
5 Prank Casino 0,48 5
6 Guts Xpress 0,57 4,5
7 Pop 0,61 4,5
8 Rice 1,00 4
9 Vera&John 1,07 4
10 Casumo 1,12 4
11 Guts 1,18 4
12 Chance 1,21 4
13 Spin Casino 1,35 4
14 Come On! 1,58 4
15 Hype 1,62 3,5
16 Faster 1,62 3,5
17 Voodoo Dreams 1,86 3,5
18 PlayOJO 1,89 3,5
19 Video slots 1,99 3,5
20 Fun Casino 2,06 3
21 Mr Green 2,12 3
22 Play 2,13 3
23 Lucky Casino 2,33 3
24 Jalla Casino 2,57 2,5
25 Maria Casino 2,78 2,5
26 Duelz 2,85 2,5
27 Unibet 2,89 2,5
28 Major player 2,97 2,5
29 SlotV 3,19 2
30 Bethard 3,30 2
31 ScandiBet 3,39 2
32 Frank & Fred 3,81 1,5
33 William Hill 3,97 1,5
34 LeoVegas 6,17 1
35 Speedy Casino 8,87 1

This is how the star system works

The faster the site, the more stars. So simple!

  • 5 stars = faster than 0.5 seconds
  • 4.5 stars = faster than 1 second
  • 4 stars = faster than 1.5 seconds
  • 3.5 stars = faster than 2 seconds
  • 3 stars = 2.5 seconds faster
  • 2.5 stars = faster than 3 seconds
  • 2 stars = 3.5 seconds faster
  • 1.5 stars = 4 seconds faster
  • 1 star = slower than 4 seconds