making online gambling safer

SOGG was established in 2019 by entrepreneur Adam Bradford and former gambling addict David Bradford.

The father and son team have been campaigning for years to ensure that gambling and gaming are made safer and to ensure that adequate help and support is available for anyone suffering with the addiction.

David’s 30-year secret gambling addiction led to him serving time in jail for stealing from his employers to fund his habit. He had racked up hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of debt, remortgaging the family home and leaving his son aged 21 to pick up the pieces with the rest of the family.

Now, after David’s release, the group works in conjunction with healthcare agencies, charities, addicts and families, Government and gambling and gaming operators to improve standards and clamp down on addiction.

As advocates of a public health approach to tackling gambling addiction our work aims to achieve three key objectives:

  • Improve industry standards to protect consumers and prevent gambling addiction
  • Provide direct support to addicts and their families
  • Raise awareness of the addiction and act as a voice for addicts and their families on a national platform